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जानो इंग्लिश: The art Of Conversation

A Chit-Chat on Formal Wear

Formal wear gives you a smarter and professional look. It makes you feel confident and positive in your work place. When you wear clothes according to the event, it helps you to connect with other employees. Ripped jeans, big silver chains and fancy clothes can never give you vibe of a professional and you might end up looking like an unprofessional employee. To maintain a positive professional look, clothing does matter. It’s your first job, first experience and you don’t know anything, how to make yourself more professional and sophisticated. 
Therefore, this conversation between two friends will give you better ideas to achieve formal look. 

Shamli (on call ) : Hi Meera, can you come at my place today?
Meera (on the other side of the call) : Yes, sure.
(Meera visits Shamli’s home. Here is a Conversation between the two)

Shamli : There is one good news that I need to tell you.
Meera : Oh! Please go ahead dear.

Shamli : Do you remember, I told you about my written test and interview for job.
Meera : Yeah-yeah, have you got selected?

Shamli : Yes dear.
Meera : I’m so happy for you. Many many congratulations.

Shamli : Thanks, It’s a great start for my career to work with such an esteemed company. You know, I’m joining office on 1st July, 2019. But I have no idea about formal clothes and stuffs related to office life.
Meera : Oh! No problem. I have been working since last six months so, I have decent knowledge about how to dress in office.

Shamli : Yep, I need your guidance.
Meera : You are going to work for Multinational company, therefore you need to maintain a professional look. Buy some waistline length coats and formal trousers to get that look. Grey and black colour would be preferred. Light colored jumpsuit is also a good option. It will give you a cooler and smarter look.

Shamli : And, what else apart from this?
Meera : Shirts are mandatory to maintain office going look. Office going people must keep loads of shirts inside their closet. Shoes also need to be formal and well polished. Dirty and torn shoes will ruin your look. So, never do such kind of mistakes, especially in office meetings and evening parties. Be professional and dress up like it too. 

Shamli : I was wondering can I wear simple Kurtis in office? Does it look good?
Meera : Yes, why not. Kurtis are also part of formal wear but don't keep it too fancy as it's not an occasion. You can effortlessly maintain sophisticated look with Kurtis and shirt.

Shamli : I love all the ideas that you gave me. My friend, you always help me whenever I'm in dilemma. Thanks a ton, I'll keep all these stuffs in my mind and will make a positive professional look on the first day of my first job.
Meera : It's okay dear, no need to say Thanks. All the best for your first day. 

Shamli : Thank you, dear.         

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