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जानो इंग्लिश -The art Of Conversation >> Striking a Conversation at the kitchen

The conversation is between Debina and her mom. Mom is baking cakes in the kitchen when Debina arrives home from school. Her conversation goes like this -

Debina: Mom, I am home.
Mom: How was school? How did you do on the test?

Debina: School was OK, and I did great on the test. Mom, I was so worried about that test, but now I feel great. What a relief!
Mom: I am glad to hear that. You have been studying so hard the past few weeks. Now, you can relax and enjoy life.

Debina: What are you cooking? It smells so good.
Mom: I am baking cakes. This is your favourite carrot cake.

Debina: It looks really yummy. And I see muffins over there too. You were busy, weren't you?
Mom: Yes. Varun has to take something to school tomorrow. So, those muffins are for him. Don't touch them.

Debina: Can I have a piece of carrot cake? I want to enjoy life right now.
Mom: You don't want to wait until after  dinner?

Debina: It looks inviting, and I bet it is delicious. No, I don't want to wait. Can I, mom?
Mom: OK, go ahead.

Debina: Did you see the new recipe that was posted on my website? I believe it was called Mommy’s Kitchen.
Mom: No, I did not. But I want to try that recipe. Your dad loves pie.

Debina: So do I.
Mom: So does Varun. Our whole family is crazy about pie.

Debina: When do you want to try the new recipe? I want to learn too. Should we bake a cherry pie or an apple pie?
Mom: Since this is the cherry season, let's make a cherry pie. Tomorrow, I will get some cherries at the supermarket, and we can start baking in the afternoon when you get home from school.

Debina: I need to finish a science project, and I will not get home until 3:30. Will it be too late to start baking, mom? If it is, you can start without me.

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