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जानो इंग्लिश- Language skill

Connect the sentences using conjunction.
1. We have to go to New Jersey by airplane. We cannot go there any other way.
2. You will not reach the stadium in time. You drive faster.
3. The boys are playing in the field. The field is flooded.
4. The students were studying in the library. The teacher came in.
5. Raymond collects all sorts of coins. He puts them in his albums.
6. He had walked eight kilometers. He did not feel tired.
7. Jaspreet cycled very fast. She be bitten by the dog.
8. The climb up Jerai mountain was a success. The scouts faced many challenges along the way.
9. He was late for the interview. He was inappropriately dressed for the interview.
10. Rubbish was not collected regularly. The place became infested with rats.
Fill in the blanks with a suitable conjunction.
11. I did it ______ he asked me to do it.
12. He passed the examination ______ he had been prevented by illness from studying.
13. It is strange ______ ( it is) true.
14. He is hardworking ______ not very intelligent.
15. I saw him ______ he was getting off the bus.
16. It is just a week ______ we arrived here.
17. Work hard ______ you will pass.
18. Even ______ he did say that, I am sure he did not intend to hurt your feelings.
19. They cost a lot of money, ______ use them carefully.
20. I will see to it ______ everything is ready.      
21. Will you advise me ______ to accept the offer ( or not ) ? 
22. He tried ______ he succeeded.
23. Please wait ______ I call.
24. We shall go ______ we are forbidden.
25. I asked her to stay to tea ______ I had something to tell her.

Answers : 1. because 2. unless 3. although 4. when 5. and 6. although, yet 7.  lest 8. even though 9. not only, but also 10. so 11. because 12. although/though 13. yet/but 14. but 15. as 16. since 17. and 18. if 19. so 20. that 21. whether 22. therefore/so 23. until 24. unless 25. for/because 

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